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Wright Brothers Expands Their Office Space

Wright Brothers recently expanded their corporate offices in Montgomery, Ohio. They had moved their offices to Montgomery over five years ago. At that time, they created an open, collaborative environment for their employees and management team. When the contiguous space in the retail center that they reside in became available, Dee and Charlie Wright saw it as an opportunity to create additional meeting, gathering and training space.

The design team of Overton Street Design Studio was charged with designing a flexible, warm, inviting and interactive space for their employees, clients and the community to utilize. The new space was designed with ultimate flexibility in mind; to accommodate the various functions that may occur in the space; and to provide maximum versatility. The new area is intended for all types of company functions: from an informal two person meeting to a company celebration for all staff to meet and interact. Three layout options were developed and can be created with the flexible furnishings and interior environment. The space can accommodate several groups meeting in the space simultaneously. The Conference Room, located at the rear of the space, was designed with movable partitions that can be closed for private meetings, or opened to accommodate larger group presentations. To bring more light into the Conference Room, Asian influenced wheatgrass resin panels inserted into maple frames were custom designed. When the screens are opened, the room can accommodate (50) guests. The space is complete with an 8 foot motorized screen with full audio visual capabilities.

Two entrances into the new space are available and are denoted with bamboo flooring. One entrance is off the current office space, accommodating employee access. The other entrance is off the sidewalk, to accommodate larger after hour functions. All of the furniture is movable and on casters. Even the sofas, lounge seating and tables are all mobile to allow for maximum flexibility of the layout to accommodate Wright Brothers various functions. There are a series of soft seating lounge groupings, complete with tables for laptops. Through the use of wireless, a truly paperless space has been created. A café/internet style environment has been developed with the banquettes and dining style tables and chairs. Off of the sidewalk entrance, there is space to have a presentation for up to (60) people, with another motored 8 foot wide screen, video projector and surround sound for these events. A buffet area and large curved counter tops can accommodate these catered functions.

A warmer, soothing, natural, organic color palette was created in the new space to complement Wright Brothers existing office color scheme. Rich, warm tones of brown, gold and aqua were utilized. Principles of Feng Shui and the Native American culture were incorporated into the new environment to create a sense of balance, good health and well being for their staff and visitors. Elements such as the space layout, artwork or graphic displays, furniture, accessories and use of materials convey these principles. The Wrights’ desire to use “green” or sustainable, recycled products in the new space was paramount. The environmental friendly products used include: recycled steel, wood and pop bottles in the manufacturer of their office furniture and desk chairs. Natural, sustainable products have been used with the wheatgrass resin panels, architectural wood elements, carpet tiles, bamboo floors, and clay pots with bamboo chutes. All energy efficient/ fluorescent lighting has been used throughout the new space. Several of the fixtures have been furnished with dimmers, to provide a lower energy output.

The footprint of the expanded space is a typical retail “shotgun” approach. There is only natural light at the north front storefront windows. A window was added between the existing and new space, to capture borrowed light from the current space. The wheatgrass resin panels used in the Conference Room screens and the Telephone Room also help bring borrowed light into the rear portion of the space. Acoustical canopies were hung from the ceiling in a “hills” and “valleys” layout to add interest to the long open space; they also provide acoustical value and add intimacy to the informal seating groupings. These canopies are softly lit by dimmable wall sconces. Pendant lighting on rheostats are strategically provided between the canopies to add a softer light level for their informal gatherings. The Telephone Room was added for employees to use for any “quiet time” or concentrated tasks.

Some employees ride their bicycles to work, saving on fuel consumption. An internal bike rack and an expanded restroom, complete with shower and locker facilities, have been provided in their office space. Wright Brothers’ offices are located in an urban setting, which provide employees the opportunity to walk or bike to favorite dining and shopping spots.

The reality of the Wright Brothers’ vision of the new space was brought to fruition with the assistance of Jaxco, Inc., who provided general contracting services for the build out of the new space.

Wright Brothers supply industrial gases to their clientele. As part of a design feature of the newly expanded space, graphic displays were used throughout as artwork, and convey their corporate principles and values, as well as showcase their clients. Wright Brothers’ philosophy for doing business, their market segments, their respect of nature, and for sustainability of the environment are all evident upon entering their space. Graphics are suspended on a cable system for the wall mounted displays. The movable displays can be used to create division between the various areas. A focal point on one wall is a mast like cable system that incorporates quotations, employee photos and Wright Brothers information. A flat screen television has been installed in the center of the system for client and employee training, education and entertainment. An informal lounge seating grouping is focused off of this mast system display. The free standing displays showcase photos, inspirational quotes and materials about their three main market segments: Bioscience, Research and Industrial. Upon visiting the new Wright Brothers space, one leaves with a true impression and understanding of what the Wright Brothers’ business, client base, values and passion truly are all about. They hope you come and visit their new space, which is available to the community for events and functions.

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